Beyond the Suit: Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

June 13, 2019

When it comes to looking your best—whether you’re trying to impress that special someone or stand out in your profession—attire matters. But, the clothes you wear aren’t the only thing that matters. Good grooming habits—as much as men might not like to talk about it—play an essential role in the way you’re perceived.

Being well-dressed and well-groomed go hand-in-hand. One of my favorite pop culture examples of this is the standout scene in the movie Crazy Stupid Love when Ryan Gosling’s character takes Steve Carell’s character shopping and offers him the famous words of wisdom—“Be better than the Gap.” Essentially, Gosling’s character is saying that every part of your look matters and a strong personal appearance will make a difference in how you are perceived in life. Finding a suit that fits is an important part of that look, but if you neglect proper grooming habits, you can quickly give off a bad impression.

Bottom line: Grooming (good or bad) impacts your credibility. Whether it be hairstyle, beard style, body grooming, or fingernails, there is no neutral ground.

Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

So, what should the modern man know about grooming? Here are a few important habits to consider:

Get on the books with a good barber.

The trick is to be proactive, not reactive. If you’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then other people have as well. A good barber can help you determine the best cut for your look and do all the work for keeping all your hair in control. All in all, you get what you pay for. Personally, I go to The Blockhouse, where I’ll get a haircut every 3-4 weeks. If I have an event to attend or a special occasion, I’ll go in-between visits to get my neck trimmed and clean up any areas that have grown faster than others. My suggestion is to find a place that does full-service grooming (haircuts, neck trims, etc.)

Make sure your shoes are presentable.

Whether casual or dress shoes, invest in a good pair or two of high-quality shoes reserved for your everyday wardrobe and keep them scuff-free. All my casual shoes have white soles, so I make sure I keep them clean from scuffs and scratches on a regular basis so that it keeps them looking new (pro tip: keep a Magic Eraser on hand for a quick and easy scuff and scratch fix for those white soled shoes). And, make sure to keep dress shoes looking good by shining them yourself or taking a 15-minute break at the nearest shoeshine stand (or next airport visit).

Focus on your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Every man knows the features of his look that people notice. For the positive ones, make sure to accentuate them. It could be your facial hair, hairstyle, or signature scent. For the ones that make you feel less confident, be intentional about addressing them on a regular basis. If your eyebrows are known to get a little bushy—address them. Personally, I was blessed with a good head of hair (thanks, Dad). For others, it might be their facial hair. For some, it might be height.

Whatever your strengths and weaknesses, grooming consistency is key. For me, I will admit that I can have a unibrow to appear if not careful, so I make sure it is maintained regularly. If your facial hair grows inconsistently—find a shaving routine that keeps you looking sharp. I personally sport a “scruff” look when it comes to facial hair and will use my beard trimmer once per week to keep it maintained. Depending on your facial hair texture or growth, your routine might involve multiple days a week. All in all, body grooming is something that others will notice, whether it be chest hair, nails, or even skincare. Consider the impression you will make, especially in your profession, when it comes to maintaining good grooming habits.

The worst thing you can do for proper grooming is nothing. Taking these steps will ensure you look your best from head to toe. For more tips and habits for looking your best, subscribe to our blog or follow us on Instagram.

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