How it Began

A Revival of Superior Service,
Fine Craftsmanship,
& Precise Tailoring

Richards Bespoke was founded by Stephen Richards Jr., a Nashville native, with a background in business and a passion for clothing. After graduating from Ole Miss, Stephen moved back to Nashville to work for his family’s company, Richards & Richards Office Records Management. After almost three years of working in the business, he decided to follow his passion and start his own custom clothing company.

We can guarantee our story is no different than yours when it comes to buying your first suit. Like most people, unfamiliarity with the idea of “custom suits” lends to going to a department store to buy one “off-the-rack.” Because less than 10% of men actually fit in OTR, the suit required alterations. After hundreds of dollars later, you probably more than doubled the price of your suit and after a year of wearing it, the seams ripped, colors faded, and it still probably didn’t fit quite right. Thus, requiring you to start the entire process over again. We’ve all been there, trust us. The good news: There’s a solution. It starts with scheduling an appointment to get fitted for your first bespoke suit.

For more on our story regarding the difference between “off-the-rack” or “custom-made” vs. bespoke-made suits, see our blog post or visit our FAQ Page.

Meet the Expert

Stephen Richards, Jr.

Owner/Founder, Certified Master Bespoke Clothier

Stephen Richards, Jr. was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where he attended Brentwood Academy. He went on to receive a degree in Business Management from the University of Mississippi, and, after graduation, moved back to Nashville to work for his family’s company, Richards & Richards Office Records Management. After three years of working in sales, Richards decided to follow his passion by starting his own bespoke clothing company. He apprenticed under a custom tailor in Athens, Georgia, until he was ready to venture out on his own. After a year of extensive training, he founded Richards Bespoke. Richards has grown the company to be one of the most-respected men’s fashion brands in Tennessee, winning numerous awards and obtaining some of the community’s highest-profile clients. He has also been recognized on a national level by designing and creating Patrick Mahomes’ ensemble for the 2019 NFL Honors where he received the National Football League’s Most Valuable Player Award.