5 Ways to Preserve/Maintain Items in your Closet

June 13, 2017

There are several things every man should have in his closet to preserve/maintain the items they’ve invested money in. I’ve realized that not everyone is as conscious about this subject as I am and would like to share some products to own/tips that I’ve accumulated over the years.

1. Steamer

A clothing steamer is the #1 item I recommend all of my clients to have in their closet. It will be by far your best investment and only takes a few minutes to use. It’s the easiest way to release the wrinkles in your pants and jacket.

The steamer I have is the only one I’ve ever owned and I could not have better things to say about it. It’s a Jiffy Steamer and you can purchase the model I have here. 100% worth the price.

Side note: You don’t have to dry-clean your suits as often as you probably are/think you should. Unless you sweat profusely at an outdoor wedding in August or need to have your jacket pressed, you should only dry-clean your suits no more that quarterly (that’s if you’re wearing them on a weekly basis). And NEVER take suit jackets/slacks in separately, always together to avoid colors fading. Also- don’t iron your suits. If by chance it’s your only option, put a damp cloth or t-shirt between the iron and garment and iron on “low.”

2. Shoe Trees

Whenever you purchase a pair of dress shoes, buy a pair of shoe trees along with them.  Shoe trees help preserve the overall shape of your shoe, causing them to last longer. They don’t need to be expensive or the nicest you can buy. There have been many times where I’ve used the packing tissue that came in the shoes until I purchased an actual set.

Tip: When travelling, pack your socks inside your shoes to replace having to pack your shoe trees.

Cleaning Tip: After you wear a pair of dress shoes/loafers, wipe them down with a (mildly) damp wash cloth/rag to remove small scuffs.

3. Hangers: Jackets & Slacks

Jackets: For the love of God, stop using plastic or wire hangers to hang up your suit jackets/sport coats. Invest in quality hangers that have wide shoulder widths. This helps preserve the structure of your jacket’s shoulders. I provide everyone who purchases a suit or sport coat with one of my Richards Bespoke Hangers but I can also sell them individually.

Tip: When riding in a car, always hang your jacket or lay it flat across the backseat. By doing this, you won’t have wrinkles down the back of your jacket. The same applies for when you’re working at your desk- Hang your jacket up.

Slacks: I personally prefer/recommend to hang my slacks/suit pants upside down. If your closet has the

vertical space, you should too. You won’t have that crease in the middle of your pants from a jacket hanger and it’ll be easier to steam them out.

4. Collar Stays

If you are wearing a shirt without a button-down collar, you ALWAYS need to have collar stays in. Otherwise, you run the risk of your shirt collar looking like a piece of bacon in a frying pan. My favorite collar stays are Wurkin Stiffs. They are metal collar stays that come with little magnet pieces that you place on the inside of your collar to keep your collar in place when not wearing a tie. The metal collar stays with magnets help eliminate the “Night at the Roxbury” look where your shirt collar hangs over your jacket lapel. The Wurkin Stiffs website link above has a tutorial on how they work.

5. Stain Remover

Stains happen- No matter how hard you try to avoid them. If it involves a suit, sport coat, or slacks, I recommend taking it to the dry-cleaners and seeing what they can do. For shirts, I recommend using Amodex. It’s easy to use and there’s never been a stain I wasn’t able to remove. The box comes with simple instructions for use.

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