A Men’s Guide to Dressing for Iroquois Steeplechase

April 16, 2019

There are certain things you can always count on people talking about when spring rolls around in Nashville…

Where’s the best patio to grab a drink?
Do you think the Predators will make it to the Stanley Cup finals?
Are you going to Steeplechase?

For Nashville, Steeplechase is an iconic annual event. It’s where fashion and fun converge. It’s a day of community and traditions. It’s also a day to bust out your best spring attire and show off your style and flare. If you’ve ever been, you know there’s nothing quite like it.

When it comes to the fashion at Steeplechase, there is definitely an “appropriate attire.” As one of Nashville’s premier custom clothiers, we thought we’d take a second to address some of the principles to keep in mind when choosing the right outfit for spending a day at the races.

Choosing the Right Men’s Attire for Steeplechase: Remember the 3B’s
According to Steeplechase’s own website, here are a few important tips for choosing the right outfit:

Bright Colors
When you’re trying to decide what to wear to Steeplechase, don’t be afraid to choose a suit or jacket that’s on the brighter side. Even if bold colors aren’t your thing, khaki or gray will blend with the spring colors just fine. Pair it with a colorful button-down, and you’ll fit right in.

Bold Patterns
What’s the men’s alternative to big hats? Bold patterns. The right pattern can take any suit to the next level. And, Steeplechase is the ideal chance to rock the perfect suit for the season.

Bow Ties
Wondering if you can pull off a bow tie? Steeplechase is the perfect chance to give it a try. But, don’t feel the pressure to put on a tie. There will be plenty of guys there without one…and some with a few too many buttons undone.

Keeping these principles in mind is a good first step. But, there are a few additional details to keep in mind, especially considering the particular area you’ll be watching the event (i.e. infield, stands, private box, etc.)

The Do’s & Don’ts of Dressing for Steeplechase

As certified master bespoke clothiers, we can talk about the fashion trends to consider. As friends to our clients, there are a few important reminders we also advise.

DO: Dress for the Weather
There’s nothing more unpredictable than Nashville weather in the spring. It could be cold and rainy one year then sunny and 85° the next. Having a couple of options in mind is always a good idea when it comes to Steeplechase attire. If it looks like rain, grab a jacket to wear over your sport coat.

DON’T: Get Swamped (by Rain or Sweat)
If it has rained within the past week, the fields may have turned to mud. On the other hand, being outside on a warm spring day drinking with friends for an extended period of time can lead to some major perspiration problems. If it’s raining, be prepared. If it’s warm, find a lighter sport coat or suit to survive.

DO: Showcase Your Unique Flair
Steeplechase is a chance to showcase your unique style. It’s important to find the right suit for your personality and accessories that showcase your unique style [link to The Art of Accessorizing for the Modern Man when published].

DON’T: Stand Out for the Wrong Reason
Showing off your unique style is one thing. Standing out like a sore thumb is another.

DO: Be “The Guy”
What kind of impression do you want to make on the people you’re with? The right suit or sport coat can help you stand out in the right way—by helping you feel more confident and causing others to notice your impeccable fashion sense.

DON’T: Be “That Guy”
We all know “that guy” at Steeplechase. While it is definitely a chance to let loose and enjoy yourself, always remember there‘s a difference between being “the guy” and “that guy.”

Nashville’s Premier Men’s Custom Clothier for Steeplechase Attire

Whether you’re someone who likes to go all out for Steeplechase, or you’re looking for a new coat to help you stand out, our team at Richards Bespoke is here to help. Make sure to schedule an appointment at least six weeks in advance of the event to ensure sufficient time for garments to be ready, and learn how we can help you design the perfect bespoke-style suit or custom sport coat for your Steeplechase experience.

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