Garment Care Recommendations

Daily use & everyday tips

We guarantee our garments to be made with the highest quality/craftsmanship. However, the quality will only last as long as you take care of your garments. Below, you will find instructions/tips on how to care for your garments as well as other items in your closet that accompany them. We will cover everything from laundering/dry-cleaning, daily use/care, and some everyday tips.



We recommend having all of your shirts purchased through Richards Bespoke to be “dry-cleaned” from any dry-cleaner nearest you.

Request that your dry cleaner use “light” to “minimum” starch

Do not let the dry cleaners “launder” your shirts!” This will cause the shirts to shrink in size.

If you spill something on your shirt, take it to the dry-cleaners and ask for them to remove the stain. If you would like to remove the stain yourself, we recommend “Amodex Ink & Stain Remover”.

We do not recommend washing the shirts yourself. If you must, wash the shirt(s) on “cold” with like-garments and do not dry them in the dryer. Instead, hang-dry and then iron. Having them “dry-cleaned” is worth the ~$2 you will spend.

Daily Use/Care:

Collar Stays
If your shirt collar is not a button-down collar, either utilize the plastic collar stays that came with your shirt or the metal collar stays we provided with your purchase. Collar stays will help keep the collar’s shape by not folding/rippling.

To keep the collar standing up properly and not laying over your jacket lapel (collar), place the small magnets that came with your metal collar stays on the inside of your shirt where it will connect to the stays.

If you spill something on your shirt, take it to the dry-cleaners and ask for them to remove the stain. If you would like to remove the stain yourself, we recommend “Amodex Ink & Stain Remover”



Despite popular belief, you do not need to have your suits dry-cleaned after each wear. We have suits in our closet that we have had for over 5 years, and not once have had them dry-cleaned. If you sweat in your suit (e.g. dancing at an outdoor wedding in the summer), we recommend taking it to the cleaners to have it dry-cleaned.

If you’re wanting your suits to look its best or to remove any wrinkles, have your suit “pressed” at the dry-cleaners (especially if you desire creases down the front of your pants and the jacket looking crisp).

If you insist on having them dry-cleaned, we recommend not having them cleaned more than quarterly and make sure to take both pieces of the suit (jacket and pant) in together (Otherwise, the chemicals used in dry-cleaning could potentially cause discoloration between the two).

Never wash your suit. Ever.

Daily Use/Care Tips:

My biggest piece of advice: Invest in a quality garment steamer. We personally own a Jiffy Steamer and have had it for over 5 years with no issues. After each wear, hang the jacket and pants up separately and run the steamer around any areas where wrinkles are present to remove those wrinkles.

Never wear your jacket while riding in a car. This will cause wrinkles down the back of your jacket. If driving, either hang it up on a hanger or lay it flat in the backseat. If riding, take it off and hold it.

Avoid wearing your jacket while sitting at your desk. This will help eliminate the elbows of your jacket wearing out/causing wrinkles in the back of your jacket.

Never iron your suit. Most forms of wool are not meant to be ironed. Instead, use a garment steamer or have them pressed at the cleaners.

Avoid putting anything in the front pockets of your jacket. This will cause the fabric, lining, and canvassing to stretch and lose its shape.

If you spill something on your suit, ask the dry-cleaners to “spot-clean” where the stain is.


Everything that applies to the jacket portion of the suits section would also apply to sport coats.


This does not pertain to suit pants, only individual slacks.


Request that your dry-cleaners “press” your slacks if you’re wanting them to look crisp and new

We recommend having your slacks “dry-cleaned” once per month, especially if you are wearing them regularly (1-2 times per week).

If you get a stain on your slacks, take them to your cleaners and request they “spot-clean” to remove the stain(s).

Daily Use/Care Tips:

Never iron your slacks (if they are wool). If they are cotton (such as chinos), you can iron them.

If your closet is designed/equipped with vertical hanging space for longer garments, we recommend purchasing clamping trouser hangers to hang your pants upside down. This will help release wrinkles in the pants.

If you own a garment steamer, utilizing the clamping hangers is also helpful when steaming out your slacks.

Blue Delta Jeans & Chinos

How do I care for raw denim?

Blue Delta Jeans are dry clean only! Raw denim’s worst enemy is water and heat, so please be sure to let your dry cleaner know that your jeans are raw denim and require a no moisture cleaning. We recommend using Lapels Dry Cleaning, a nationwide company whose GreenEarth Cleaning process is perfect for your Blue Delta Jeans.

How often should I dry-clean my Blue Delta Jeans?

Jeans should be dry cleaned as often as you might dry clean a suit or a coat. Depending on frequency of wear, one to two times per year.

What is the deal with people soaking raw denim in a bathtub or keeping them in the freezer?

As you learn more about raw denim, you will discover some interesting ways to clean and care for your jeans to achieve different fades. Some work well while others can damage your jean. Here is a good article to get you started if you choose to venture beyond the recommended dry cleaning method.

How do I break in raw denim jeans?

Raw denim breaks in like real leather! Work in it, play in it, live your life. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes.

Will my raw denim jeans lose color over time?

Raw denim will lose some of its dye the more you wear it. This is called “fading,” and it allows your jeans to develop fade lines that are personal to you.

What happens if I wash raw denim in the washing machine?

Washing your raw denim jeans in the washing machine is highly discouraged. Raw denim can and will shrink and be damaged by a normal washing machine, so please dry clean your jeans should they need any care!

Is Holland & Sherry dry clean only?

Yes, Holland & Sherry is dry clean only as well! Like all of our jeans, home washing will shrink a Holland & Sherry pant.


We recommend using shoe trees to maintain the shape of your shoes. They can be easily purchased through me or any store that sells dress shoes, Amazon, etc.

For leather shoes, wipe them down with a damp cloth after each time you wear them. This will help remove scuffs or other debris.

For professional cleaning, we recommend taking them to any local shoe shining store. If you are located in Nashville, we recommend going to Nordstrom in the Green Hills Mall. They have an excellent shoe shining department for a competitive price.


Suits/Sport Coats/Slacks: When travelling on a plane, use a hanging garment bag (either the one that came with your suit/sport coat or invest in a more durable travel one that can be checked/withstand being under the plane). We recommend carrying the hanging bag on the plane with you and either placing it the overhead compartment or asking a flight attendant if they have a closet you can hang it up in.

If you must pack your suit in your suitcase, follow these instructions on how to fold suits properly to prevent wrinkles.

Regardless of where you pack your suit, place each individual garment in a plastic covering (like the ones your clothes are separated in when you pick them up from the dry-cleaners). This will reduce the amount of friction caused between the garments and will keep them from wrinkling.

To release any wrinkles from packing, first ask the hotel if they have a garment steamer. If not, hang your suits/sport coats/slacks up in the bathroom (either on the shower curtain rod or towel rack), turn on the shower as hot as it will go, and close the door. The steam from the shower will help eliminate/release most (if not all) wrinkles.

If you’re taking dress shoes, wear them to the airport and stop by a shoe-shining station either before your flight or after you land. Almost all airports have them and it’s a good excuse to get them shined.

When packing your suitcase, place your socks or underwear in your dress shoes. This will create the same solution as shoe trees and can free up space in your suitcase.


For jackets, you should have the hanger that Richards Bespoke provided at purchase, but if you happen to lose it or have other jackets not purchased from us, we recommend using wide (or extra-wide) shoulder hangers. This will help keep the structure of your shoulders in the jacket.

For suit pants/slacks, we recommend using clamping trouser hangers to hang them upside down, especially if your closet is designed with vertical storage for longer garments.


See “Travel” section if you are travelling for your wedding

Have your tuxedo or suit “pressed” (not “laundered”or “dry-cleaned”) by the cleaners at least one week prior to your wedding

Have your shirt “dry-cleaned” by your cleaners at least one week before the wedding